Hey Soul-led Coach, CEO, & aspiring entrepreneur 👋🏾

Finally STOP drowning in self doubt & fear of failure because you haven't unlocked how to create consistent 5 figures a month in your biz... 

Ready to Learn The Confidence It Takes to Generate Consistent $10k Months (& beyond) inside your online biz with human design?  


Discover what Human Design is & how you can utilize it to bring daily fulfillment, ease & abundance in your Biz. No more second-guessing what direction to go or creating unnecessary stress and pressure when taking action.

Gain insights into how you are designed to operate in business that is aligned with your energy. Leverage your natural strengths to avoid burnout, frustration, and overwhelm and instead create a business that feels effortless and fulfilling.

Unlock your unique potential within your human design chart to create offers that are truly aligned with your purpose so you can consistently attract your soulmate client with ease.
Hello $10k months!

No more self-doubt, wondering if you're enough, or if you'll be successful. Overcome the self-sabotaging tendencies you're most susceptible to. Start creating from a place of knowing, worthiness, and confidence so you can consistently attract the right clients instead of worrying where your next sale is coming from.


In this 60 min LIVE workshop 

I walk you through the process & approach I explored from my personal human design & astro chart that took me from... 

...barely making $$ and working endlessly inside my biz trying to follow what I saw worked for others 

...to making this in a week... 🤯

a quick glimpse at our month so far 🤩

I want to show you what is possible when you focus on your energetic alignment

are you ready to unleash what is possible when you embody your design? 

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