hello beautiful soul!

We're Sidney & Louis, the guides by your side helping you get out of your own way to create freedom in your life...

mentally, emotionally, & financially!

Hi, I’m Sidney! I believe music is the way to your soul!

What I learned at a young age was that fear is the number one killer, killer of dreams, actions, beliefs, & vision. Don't believe fear for a second! I was forced to grow up at an early age, and learned the importance of using my voice and standing up for what I believe in. It is essential for living an authentic life to stand in your truth and power. It is the only way to feel safe, seen, and heard in a world that tries to suppress your voice and keep you small.

Through my BFA in Musical Theatre from Millikin University,  which was truly a beautiful blend of psychology of people & the art of living, I learned how to drop in,  be authentic, and master vulnerability. Performing in regional theatres across the country, shooting national commercials, and singing globally on cruise ships,  I strengthen my ability to remain confident in myself, allow myself to be seen, and show up exactly as I am despite the  noise, critiques, and pressure of show business to be a "certain type" just as the pressures we feel in everyday life. 

My mission is to help women reclaim their confidence, break free from fear, & stand in their purpose and power.

As a certified holistic health coach, natural empath and healer, I live this mission daily...

Sidney Davis 

Through this creative and career outlet, I recognized that people sell themselves short & limit their potential because they are being versions of other people rather than being their authentic self. They ultimately choose fear by not being courageous enough to be themselves day in and day out, in fear of that rejection, judgement, and criticism.

Meet Sidney 

I’m Louis! My fave way to end the day is with an epsom salts bath & an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

 I love strategic boardgames and fantasy novels! I also love the outdoors and recently favored mountains over beaches. I’m a world traveler and As a kid I grew up watching anime and cartoons which lead to my exploration into the easter culture.

I spent a year living in Siem Reap, Cambodia training Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga. There I learned somatic healing, chakra, energy and breath work. This inspired me to do the inner healing. Let go of emotions stored in the body and all thoughts holding me back from going after my dreams. 

My Mission is to blend the eastern mindset and energy system with the western world.

I aim to help those willing to drop the pain, fully process and trust in themselves to go after their dream life.

Louis Vanskaik

With a degree in Business Management & Economics and previous jobs leading sales and marketing teams at startups I meshed all of my talents, passions, and creativity into one, teaching conscious humans like you how to drop what does not serve you, and create an online business to give you the freedom in life you deserve! 

Meet louis 

OUR SUPERPOWERS ARE HELPING MEN & WOMEN have radical self acceptance & drop the need to please!

When creating clarity, confidence, & abundance in your life it needs to be addressed on multiple levels. We teach you how to break down and rewrite the emotional/mental patterning holding you back.

We utilize human design and astrology to restore health, vitality, & clarity where wounding has occurred. We map out your natural tendencies & abilities to teach you the right tools that will unlock freedom, joy, expansion, renewal, restoration, love, and resilience with ease!

Everything is personalized to you because life is not one size fits all. 

We’ve been exactly where you are, we know exactly how it feels..

To have fear creep in and tell you the best ways to play small. To have a life that looks exactly like you once wanted, but doesn’t fit for you anymore. To  feel as though there is something more for you to give, but you don't know how to access it.  To have the soul wrenching desire to be so free that nothing can stop you. 

You’re not crazy. you’re not alone.

are you ready to commit to yourself, fully? 

If no one’s told you lately you can have exactly what you desire. You can be exactly who you want to be. You can be healed and  live life exactly on your terms!! The only question we have for you is...

say yes! You KNOW YOU WANT TO!

what gets us going? 


Straight talk,
moon rituals,
self acceptance
helping you uncover your purpose


not about

bandaid fixes,
that hustle game

the daily life

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

— carl jung




Schedule a 1:1 Introductory Call to see if we are the right fit! 

The process we will go through together will help you  build a solid practice of self-love, confidence, & clarity within so you can show up and be seen in the world. Together we will attract the life you want to live & move into the next level version of yourself.