Integrative Wellness Coaching & Spiritual Healing 

For the millennial souls breaking away from the mold of generations past. 

We believe in a holistic approach to living in alignment with your authentic truth, your purpose, and your health to create freedom in your life. 

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If you’re looking to let go of what no longer serves you, you're in the right place. 

We believe in doing the inner work to transform your outer world. Releasing your limiting beliefs, fears, and emotional wounds to step into the abundance, happiness, and success you deserve. 

 Our signature process will help you move through the mental and emotional blocks holding you back. We also incorporate human design & astrology as tools to reconnect with your vision. This process renews your sense of self, presence and energy and creates lasting clarity and confidence within. 


Rewrite your stories and release the emotional wounds holding you back to restore your energy and attract the life you want to live!

What we do...

It wasn’t long ago we were exactly where you are now. Letting our fears control us. Emotional pain holding us back. The Vision far from reach.

7 years ago, our world broke open through our own personal spiritual awakenings.. All our internal fear was manifesting in our lives’ through anxiety, depression, doubt, anger, and constant chaos.. 

It wasn’t until we learned how to let go of our self sabotaging stories & beliefs that allowed us to awaken to the truth..

We are whole. We are enough.
We are already equipped with all we will ever need inside us.

We simply need to let go of the unconscious beliefs weighing our spirit down. 

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sound familiar?

Let us show you how! 

our Newest experience 

Reignite Your Glow Workshop

Think about why you may be uninspired, unsettled or frustrated in your life?Most of the time, that is our signal we need to grow.

Life is always telling you when to raise your standards and your frequency.. but are you listening or ignoring?
How can you reorganize your life to meet the standards you crave? 

In this 90-minute session, I aim to unlock the magic of your natural design to support you in mastering the power & wisdom you embody naturally. Together, we will build your Elevated Soul Strategy™.

Time for a glow up.

ready to glow

Online Courses: 

Nourish is a transformational container to help you identify what holds you back, break free from limiting beliefs, & realign with your deepest desires so you can reclaim your confidence, cultivate loving relationships, and live a life of limitless abundance. Lean in, learn how to honor & hold space for your emotions, transform how you think, feel, and speak about yourself in order to take care of yourself first and give space to your healing journey.

Nourish: Break Free From Fear & Take Back Your Power 

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Nourish: Break Free From Fear & Take Your Power Back 

Conscious Biz Creator

For soul centered men & women ready to align with their purpose, build a conscious work from anywhere business all by utilizing your unique strategy to build a life of freedom and impact! We will teach you how to go from idea to launch in 60 days! Don't have an idea?  Perfect! We will discover one together inside CBC!

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Our Services

We offer an array of options starting from DIY learning with group coaching, to 1-1 personalized programs. 

Our services guide you through your transformative journey to awakening your awareness to your wants, needs, purpose, & power. Each provide you the steps on how to take action towards your next level self. 


Success Stories


“Honestly, Sidney & Louis' process has opened up so much in my life! breakthrough & growth is an understatement



inhale, exhale, transform

If you're ready to see the true divine nature within you & reclaim the power within to transform your life- let's connect!

Unveil who you could be if you fully stepped into your power with me!  

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4 Steps to Take Back Your Power & Build An Authentic Life 

Get access to my masterclass on how you break free from fear & activate your power to transform your life! There is a step by step process I have created to make it easier to get back into your flow & power with ease!