September 27, 2021

Inner Healing

How Healing the Emotions That Hurt You Will Set You Free

Letting go of your emotions and feeling free.
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How Healing the Emotions That Hurt You Will Set You Free

Healing the emotions that hurt you is important to finally set yourself free.

When you bottle up emotions they can cause physical and mental pain. Often they produce feelings of anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, and can create fear, depression, and even anxiety. 

Without processing your emotional wounds you will continue to suffer from them in your day-to-day life. 

Healing the emotions means releasing the emotional wounds. The physical and mental pain deserves to be healed. This will set you free from continuing to suffer from your past. In other words, you’ll have to do the inner work in order to heal.

Emotional healing is the inner work that lies within your subconscious. It can be a challenge at first which is why I am going to guide you through the process. 


In this article, you will learn

  • What emotions wounds are and how they developed
  • How old emotions manifest in your daily life 
  • What areas of your life emotional wounds are affecting
  • Why healing the emotions that hurt you is important 
  • How to release bottled up emotions once and for all in order to set yourself free


You will notice that once you get the hang of it, emotional wounds become easy to spot and easier to release, it all starts with the willingness to want to heal. 


Healing the Emotions: What are bottled-up emotions?

Bottled-up emotions are emotions that you experience from traumatic or negative experiences in you never fully processed. Usually, they occurred in your past and as a child. 

Emotional wounds are unprocessed because you didn’t have the emotional skill set to process and release your experiences.

They got stored in your body and continue to manifest in your day-to-day life. This can prevent you from living the life you truly want to live and going after your life’s dreams.

Most people actually don’t know how to process their emotions and truly let them go and that isn’t their fault. This is why healing the emotions that hurt you can be difficult at first. It was never practiced as a child. 

The problem is we are not taught to feel emotions. We are even told that emotional healing and processing emotions is a bad thing.  

At an early age, men are told to “Rub dirt in it and don’t cry like a girl,” and women are considered weak and crazy for “Being emotional.” This instills an aversion to wanting to process your emotions. In turn, leaving a society stuck in their emotional wounds, projecting their pain onto others. This is evident in our current world affairs.

Fortunately, that’s all changing. In the past, it was considered weak to feel your emotions and now it is actually “cool” to be awake and aware of your emotional pain so that you don’t project your pain onto your loved ones. It is a sign of strength and emotional intelligence.

So congratulations on having the courage and strength to confront your emotional wounds. 


How Do Bottled-Up Emotions Develop? 

little girl covering her eyes because she is scared.

Emotional wounds, because you never processed them become bottled up emotions. They often come from early childhood experiences. For some, a loss of a loved one, a divorce, or moving around a lot. For others, it’s an abusive parent, a toxic environment, or not being allowed to talk about emotions.

Bottled-up emotions can develop from any number of experiences all of which are deeply personal to the individual. However, no matter the experience, if you didn’t have the emotional skillset to release the experience then over time they became bottled up emotions.

Emotional Wounds Examples:

Emotional wounds don’t always have to be traumatic experiences, they can be little things that add up over time, little unprocessed feelings that lead to resentment, bitterness, and anger. 

By not being able to speak about your feelings it stifles your voice. It diminishes your truth. You believe you are unable to feel your emotions and shame sets in. This reinforces a feeling of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and confidence which leads to bottling up your emotions.

Healing the emotions and experiences that led to your emotional wounds is important to your personal growth. Without healing the emotions and releasing the feelings they become reinforced in the present when you are unable to express yourself.


Man holding onto prayer beads. He is upset and is grieving from his emotional wounds

Because of the unprocessed bottled-up emotions, normal situations can trigger you, which leads to fear and the inability to take action in your life, especially toward those things you truly want because fundamentally you believe you don’t deserve it. 


Think of all the times you want to respond but your learned emotional responses stifle your voice and you either shut down or get upset without really knowing why.


“The fear, worry, and stress can emotionally overwhelm the body causing you to shut down.”


When we continue to carry the energy of our emotional wounds into the present it can have an effect on all areas of our life. The underlying pain is a daily occurrence. This prevents you from living the life you truly want to live. 


Emotional Wounds: What Areas Of Life Do They Effect? 

the life palette what emotions are affecting what areas of your life. How to heal from emotions that hurt you.

Not dealing with bottled-up emotional wounds can affect all areas of your life. 


The graphic above is The Life Palette. Because healing the emotions that hurt you is a powerful internal process it is important to visually see what areas of your life they are affecting.

This is a tool I use with all of my clients to help visualize all of the areas of life our bottled-up emotions can affect. It is important to note that if one area has an overflow of emotional wounds it can spill over to other areas.

For the purpose of streamlining this information, I will focus on the BIG 3 and use examples that may pertain to your life and current circumstances.

  1. Career
  2. Relationship
  3. Physical Movement


Career: Let’s continue with the example of not being able to speak up as a child and you had negative reinforcement when talking about emotions.


If the energy and emotions are still inside you, bottled up, this can negatively affect the way you handle tough conversations with coworkers or your boss. 

For example, this would prevent you from speaking up to your boss and asking for your worth when it comes to negotiating a contract or asking for a raise. Or having a hard time saying no when they ask you to work extra.

The emotional pain is unprocessed. The energy is still embodied and manifests daily. You can feel not accepted when asking for more. The fear of rejection maintains in your subconscious until you are able to release the emotions behind it. 

Until healed, it will make it difficult to go after your dream job, ask for the promotion or raise you to deserve, leave the job you don’t like, or even start a business of your own. 


three people working together, smiling, and going after their dream job. Collaborating on group project and loving their life


Relationship: Relationships can run along the same line. If you have bottled up emotions from when you were a kid which now results in fears of commitment, rejection, and low self-worth then it will be difficult to go after the love that you truly deserve in your life. 

This can lead to staying in a bad relationship for too long because you feel that it’s the best you deserve, ask that person out because you fear rejection, or commit to someone who is perfect for you because you are afraid of opening up your heart. 

Healing the emotions that hurt you is a must if you want to attract a partnership in your life. You must learn how to let go of the old to make way for what is true in your life

Young women jumping on man with beard's back. Happy couple smiling and in love


You deserve the chance to go after what you want in your life, live life by your choice, your design and have the confidence and worthiness to ask for what you need and want and then be able to receive it when it arrives.


Physical Movement: If your bottled-up emotions haven’t been dealt with they can negatively affect your physical movement. Having the negative energy of old pain can lead to decreased motivation, willpower, and a belief in yourself that you can’t achieve success.


Your emotional wounds can make you unhappy making it extremely hard to make changes for the better. The desire to want to work out, move your body to feel good completely goes away. And when you stop moving your body it can lead to unwanted weight and more importantly affect your mindset. This only reinforces your thoughts around self-worth, self-esteem, which can lead to depression

Career, relationships, and physical movement are the big 3 but not healing the emotions that hurt you can also spill over into other areas of your life such as nutrition, finances, spirituality, friendship, family, and creativity. 

However, you can change! By healing the emotions and past traumas that hurt you. You can release that pain for good, finally set yourself free, change your current circumstances and the energy/frequency manifesting in your life to go after what you truly want in your life because you deserve it.


Woman jumping for joy, confetti flying, feeling free and living her best life


You don’t have to hold onto the old emotional wounds anymore.


Why Healing The Emotions That Hurt You Is Important


Healing emotions and learning how to process your emotions is the most important aspect of creating a new life for yourself and living the life of your dreams. It is important to set yourself free and allow yourself to go after your dream life.

By creating new energies and stories around you, you can increase your confidence, go after the job you want, call in your partner, & even face your bank account. 

You can release the fears, old stories, and emotional baggage once and for all and replace them with love, abundance, and joy. These new positive stories are your authentic truth and just as your negative emotions affected you for the worse, the positive ones can change your life for the better.


It’s up to you to make the changes in your life and I am here to guide you through the journey. 

The best way to do that is to introduce you to my signature framework to heal the emotions that hurt you in order to finally set yourself free.

I know, bold claim, but I’ve had proven results time and time again and if you are willing to put in the work, you too can make the change once and for all.


4 Steps to Healing The Emotions That Hurt You


My signature framework is called the Aim to Elevate Ascension Pyramid. Here, we will do just that, aim for a better quality of life by working from the ground up.


“By Identifying our pain, Releasing it for good, Cultivating a new experience aligned with your authentic truth, and Transform your life for good.” 


Aim to elevate ascension pyramid. 4 steps to healing emotions and be your authentic self.


1. Identify The Source Of Your Emotional Wounds:

In order to break free from your old emotions, you must be able to identify where it all started. 


For some, that’s easy, big traumas or negative experiences that we never forget. Situations that shaped who we are today. Another example of emotional wounds is the little stories we repeat.  


This is the inner work that deals with our subconscious mind. Strategies vary for every individual starting the inner work.  However, they all involve showing up to yourself, sitting, feeling, and remembering where it all began. 


I like to start with what are the major themes in your life, and then begin to ask yourself why that is and where it all started. What are the common stories or emotional reactions to certain situations? When did they get there and how did they start?


Begin to notice what triggers you in your day-to-day life. Think back on major turning points that have shaped your life. And notice if there is any correlation between how you felt as a child and the actions and patterns you see in your life today. 


By using the Life Pallete shown above, you can see which areas of your life you have the most difficulties with now. And start to identify why it is you struggle in that area of your life.


This process can be overwhelming, so it’s great to go for a walk and think, listen to your favorite music, or even meditate and ask yourself these questions. And of course journal your responses out, this helps for the release practice in phase two. 


2. Release Bottled Up Emotions:

Once we Identify our pain and the source of our emotional wounds, it is time to release. Many people have different processes to release. I believe that it is up to the individual to figure out which way works best as there is no one size fits all approach to healing. 


Journaling. how to release bottled up emotions. gratitude journal.


I  recommend journaling and using Julia Cameron’s morning pages method. This helps develop a journaling practice as well as lets out a stream of consciousness without judgment.


There are ways to physically release within the body through mindfulness exercises like mediation. I also encourage Tai chi, Yoga, and Qi Gong to mindfully release in the body. It is important to mindfully release the emotions stored in your body.


This also helps identify the emotions too. As you are working on each area, begin to notice and feel the energy bottled up in different parts of your body. Where there is tightness, it means you have an opportunity to release. When moving through these body parts, notice the stories that come up, the frustration, stress, old childhood memories. 


Those stories offer you a chance to release at the moment. Just notice them and as you move your body is letting them go as well as your emotional body and mental thoughts. 


When you are noticing your old thoughts you have an opportunity.  This opportunity is a chance to make a better choice. What do you want to be true? Choose a new empowered thought to elevate your mindset. You need to reinforce the narrative that you are healthy, happy, and abundant. 


This will lead us to the third step in cultivating new beliefs about yourself. Pain and triggers make it difficult for you to cultivate a new empowered mindset. Fortunately, you can replace those old thoughts with new empowering truths.


3. Cultivate a New and Empowered Mindset


When you have released the pain and wounds holding you back it is time to cultivate your new self. You must replace your old version of yourself with your aligned truth. The real you is free from emotional pain that prevents you from going after your dreams. Now you are able to freely come out and shine.


In the beginning, the process of cultivation can be repetitive, and your mind may not want to believe the new stories you have about yourself. This is why it is important to show up daily to reinforce the new version of yourself. This aids in the transformation process.

Kid smiling with a hot cup of coffee. The coffee mug reads feel the good. Affirmations for self worth.

A few practices to help cultivate your new empowered self are by having an attitude of gratitude, affirmations, and creating healthy boundaries for yourself.


Creating an attitude of gratitude is important because it helps you to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Here are a few tips on starting a gratitude practice.


Affirmations are important because you must remind yourself daily. It is not enough to just say the affirmations but to fully embody and believe what you are affirming in order to fully set yourself free.


4. Transform Your Self Worth and Go After What You Want in Life

Consistent practice in showing up to your cultivation practice leads to the ultimate transformation. When any bottled-up emotion arises you will be able to release the emotional baggage by repeating this process. You can apply this technique In any area of your life pallet.


Now you are able to go after what you want in your life. With renewed confidence, self-worth, and choosing love over fear. You can attract the life you want to live. The partner you have been searching for. Allow love into your life, and even go after the dream job.  Set goals that align with your truest and authentic newest version of yourself.


Remember, this is a healing journey, a process in which you get to show up daily. Practice makes perfect and the great thing about The Aim to Elevate Ascension Pyramid is you can always use it when fears, old stories, judgment, internal criticism, and self-doubt arise.


The process becomes easier, but it is always the same. Notice the thought, release it, cultivate a new empowered thought aligned with your authentic truth and highest self, and transform at the moment.


As you continue to go along you want to mind the gap in between the negative thoughts coming in and how quickly you are able to change and embody the energy of the new empowering thought.


This is why I and all of my clients use this practice. You just get better at preventing the negative thoughts, stress, or fear that lead to downward spirals of self-doubt and low self-worth. Your awareness and ability to let the thought go only improve over time.


This is the process of setting yourself free and healing the emotions that hurt you. Once you start you will see the radical shift in your mindset, energy, and confidence. 


transform your inner worth. letting go of old emotions. finding freedom in your life


Aim To Elevate Mastermind

Learning how to identify the patterns holding you back with a coach is the fastest and most transformative way to do the inner work. I will help you discover your own unique process and healing methods that suit you best.


If you would like to learn more about this process and how to release your emotions, I encourage you to check out My Aim to Elevate Mastermind.


Inside, this 6-week container I help you discover a personalized approach to identify and release any past emotional wounds holding you back in order to go after your dream life.


You deserve to feel confident, worthy and achieve success every single day. Inside Aim to Elevate there are 6 weeks of group coaching, a container of like-minded people showing up and doing the work just like you.


There are coaching calls and personal strategies to help develop a method that works for you. Lastly, Meditations, workbooks, and in-depth video tutorials are available at your fingertips. Aim to Elevate gives you the step by step approach to healing the emotions that hurt you.


Take back your power and create the life you truly want to live. Learn More! 

Aim to Elevate Masterclass


If you’d like learn more about the program or get a feel of what you’ll learn, sign up for my free Aim to Elevate Masterclass. 


Here you will learn about the laws of the universe and how you can use them to be in alignment with your authentic self, your specific human design and how knowing your unique design and strategy will improve going with the flow rather than resisting.


Learn how to specifically use my signature Aim to Elevate method for you to let go of all your mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks keeping you from living your most aligned and inspired life. 


Get ready to release the old narrative and patterns keeping you stuck and replace it with the empowered truth to take aligned action towards the life you truly desire.


Walk away feeling worthy, abundant, and full of self-love. 


Join the Aim to Elevate Masterclass.



Get ready to learn your unique strategy personal to you, release fully what no longer serves you and step the internal confidence and power already inside of you to go after the life of your dreams. 


Come be a part of Aim to Elevate  and if you have any questions please email me at


I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and please leave a comment below on what you were able to identify, as well as any questions for me, or any future blog posts you’d like to see from me!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I wish you the best along your healing journey. Just know you aren’t the only one out there and there is always support along your way.


Sending love, light, and positive vibes to you!


Xo, Sidney Marie Davis

Your Confidence & Mindset Coach





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